image Computer Repair Alexandra Hills

Computer Repair Alexandra Hills

Brisbane Computer Doctors perform onsite computer repairs in Alexandra Hills, Ormiston, Cleveland and surrounding areas.

We can repair all Microsoft Windows based laptops, notebooks, tablets and desktop computers. Whether you are having annoyances like pop up advertising, or you are having a serious problem like computer crashes, power issues or boot problems, Brisbane Computer Doctors technicians are ready to help. We have the skills and tools to diagnose and repair any technical issues that you are having, and to provide the best advice and support. We can also help setup wired and wireless networks, printers and more.

Some of our services include:

  • Replacement of faulty components
  • Setup of new computers
  • Removal of virus and malware infections
  • Replacement of faulty parts
  • Repair of computer power issues
  • Setup and syncing of email accounts
  • Repair of blue screen and black seen errors
  • Memory and hardware upgrades
  • Repair of internet and email issues
  • Windows upgrades and updates

For any computer issues that you are having, call Brisbane Computer Doctors on 1300 551 350 or make an online booking. We are available 7 days a week and there are no surcharges on onsite service, night time services and weekends.

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