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Intel Computer Repairs Brisbane

Intel Computer Repairs Brisbane

Intel produce more Computer Processing Units (CPU) than any other manufacturer. Almost every laptop or desktop has either an Intel or an AMD chip (Intel’s main rival) inside of it. Intel have even entered the smart device market, producing low-powered smart device CPUs, used in many Android and Windows-based devices. Intel also manufacture motherboards and SSDs, which remain a popular choice for the balance between speed and stability.

We repair all problems with Intel computers including:
  • Hardware diagnosis and replacements
  • Cleaning and applying thermal material to CPUs
  • Repair of computer power issues
  • Computer hardware upgrades
  • Repair of Windows boot issues
  • Speed up and optimization
  • Software and firmware updates

Brisbane Computer Doctors will help resolve any problems with Intel-based computers. Call us on 1300 551 350. A qualified technician will be sent out to your home or business to find solutions to all your technical problems.

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