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Remote and Online Computer Support Brisbane

If a technician is not available in your area, or you would like to save some money on your repair, we offer remote online support over an internet connection. Our remote support is fast, secure, and we are able to complete smaller tasks such as virus removal, email configuration and more. When using remote support, our technicians, with your permission, will be able to see your screen and take control of your computer to correct any problems.

If you have an internet connection and can browse to a website, you are half-way there! Our technicians will guide you to our web page where we will be able to use the internet to securely connect to your computer, with your permission.

After the repair tasks are complete, our technicians can no longer access your computer and must once, again be granted access with your permission. This ensures your safety and privacy of your data and your computing activities

Let’s get started

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Call our office on 1300 551 350 to discuss what is required and to make an appointment

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Our technician will call you at your designated time to listen to your requests and to guide you through the connection process.

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Your technician will complete the tasks as fast as possible, and confirm that you are satisfied with the work.

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When the job is complete, we will guide you through the payment system, and your receipt will be emailed to you. You will also have the opportunity to print your receipt.

What Tasks Can Be Done Remotely?

Most software tasks can be completed including:

  • Virus and malware removal
  • Installation and setup of software
  • Removal of popups and software errors messages
  • Private advice and tutoring
  • Email and Outlook configuration issues
  • Speeding up and optimising your computer
  • Setup of online or offline backup
  • Update drivers and the Windows system

What Remote Service Cannot Do:

  • Network and internet issues
  • Hardware replacements and upgrades
  • Repair of computers that won’t power or boot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your service secure and safe?

Yes! We use 256 bit encryption for your remote support sessions, the same type that corporate banks use. We can talk on the phone, or on your computer screen via chat while we make the repairs. You can watch everything we do on your screen, and we are always in-contact with you throughout the repair process.

Can someone else access by data?

No! Only one technician can have access to your computer at a time, and when the job is done, a technician will require your permission again to connect to your computer.

What are the minimum requirements?

If is required that your computer can boot and that you can browse the internet. It is preferable to have a fast internet connection such as ADSL, Fibre (NBN) or 4G LTE so that work can be performed quickly and efficiently, which can also help save you money. We work remotely only on Windows and Mac systems. You will also be required to have a credit card for payment when the job is completed.

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