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Crashing Computer Problems in Brisbane

We rely on our computer to be in working conditions at all times. When we experience a computer crash, it can be very frustrating. Computer crashes can cause documents that we were working on to be lost or corrupted, or progress can be lost. Time critical applications like online chat or bidding can become a huge problem if a computer crashes at an important moment. This can result in not only disappointment, but also lost time and money.

Many things can cause a computer to crash. Most commonly are issues with faulty internal computer memory (RAM). Other issues that can cause a crash are other faulty hardware components, driver issues, or software configuration issues or conflicts. A bad software update can cause a computer to crash if an important operating system file is corrupted.

Our technicians have the knowledge, skills and tools to be able to diagnose and find a solution to all computer crashes, whether the problem lies in hardware or in software. Issues are resolved by having a look at system logs, updating or repairing corrupted drivers and system files, and by testing failing hardware components. Our technicians can also stress-test certain individual hardware components to see if they fail during regular usage. We can normally diagnose and

Our technicians will be able to diagnose whether your computer crashes are hardware or software based by looking through system logs and error messages, and by testing hardware components responsible for the crashes. If the problem doesn’t always occur, our technicians have sets of tools to stress-test various aspects of your system hardware to invoke a crash on failing hardware. Our technicians can usually diagnose and repair computer crashes in the same day.

You May Experience A Crash If You Notice:

  • BSOD (Blue screen Of Death) or Black screens
  • Programs become unresponsive and close
  • Error messages are popping up on your screen
  • Your computer locks-up or ‘freezes’
  • Your picture or sound loops or distorts
  • Your computer doesn’t boot normally
  • Your computer is making beeping noises or funny sounds

We Repair Your Crashes By:

  • Testing hardware components for failures
  • Stress-test your computer to see what fails
  • Check system error logs for issues
  • Test your computer’s memory (RAM)
  • Test your computer’s hard disks and storage
  • Check your computer’s internal temperatures
  • Clean your system and resolve software conflicts
  • Perform firmware updates to improve hardware stability
  • Perform driver and Windows updates
  • Removal of viruses and malware

We can resolve crashes on laptops, notebooks and desktops. If you are experiencing a computer crash, it could be a warning of a larger developing issue. It is best to call for professional help to test your system components before further damage is done. Call us on 1300 551 350 to explain your problem to use. We will make appropriate recommendations as to how to proceed and assign an experienced computer technician to your location at a convenient time.

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