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Internet and Email Issues Brisbane

The internet used to be a way to get information about services, but today it is so much more. Many rely on the internet in their daily activities, as our personal data is stored and synchronised online. We use the internet as an organisational tool to remind us of tasks and to manage our projects, as a work tool via email correspondence, and document sharing and as an advanced informational tool for the purposes of navigation, news, weather updates and business details. We also use the internet for entertainment purposes, for listening to music, watching TV shows and movies, to play games and keep in-touch with people. We simply can’t imagine a life without the internet today. That’s why when the internet has problems, it can be very frustrating for people. Many businesses rely on the internet for the purposes of online ordering and payment, to keep in-touch with customers and to relay information between business locations. Businesses can lose valuable time and money when the internet stops working.

The first step to do if your internet goes down is to call your internet and phone providers, to check if there is any maintenance or outages in the area. Your ISP can also perform line tests. If there are still problems, then give us a call and we will send out a technician to diagnose your internet problems, usually in the same day you call. No more wasting hours on the phone to technical support who can’t help you.

The internet can stop working because of many reasons. There could be issues with an external line, or there could be faulty or misconfigured hardware inside your premises. If the internet works on some devices but not others, there is likely a problem with that device, such as network conflicts, failing network hardware or a virus infection. Bad updates to software and drivers can also cause network hardware to stop working. Sometimes the internet works, but some applications such as email do not. This can happen if your password was changed, or your email host changed their server settings. If your email account was compromised, an attacker may have changed your password without your knowledge. We can help get your emails working again through any email client including Outlook, Windows mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, Gmail and Yahoo Mail. We can even get your single or multiple email accounts syncing over all your smart devices so that you can send and receive email on the go.

Common Internet Issues Can Include:

  • Problems that cannot be fixed over the phone by your ISP
  • Faulty components such as cables, modems and routers
  • Internet sharing across a network
  • Email access issues through an application or via webmail
  • Internet connection problems and slow speeds
  • Internet dropouts and intermittent dropouts
  • Configure new internet connection and email
  • Problems with sending and receiving emails
  • Issues with large documents and email attachments
  • Transferring emails across devices and programs
  • Syncing and sharing of email, calendar, contacts

If your internet is not working, the first step to do is to call your internet and phone provider to confirm that there are no issues with the line, maintenance in the area, or known dropouts. If not, then give us a call on 1300 551 350 to talk to a phone support member. We will ask some questions about your internet problems and then assign a technician to come and correct the problems for you.

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