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11 Apr 2019

5 Ways To Help Keep Your Computer Repair Costs To A Minimum

Here at the Brisbane Computer Doctors, the vast majority of our customers are every day home computer users. We know that a computer repair can be an unexpected and unwanted expense for many people, and as such we have come up with a few tips on how to minimise the cost of your next computer repair service.

Write Down All Error Messages
The error messages your computer gives you when it fails can be a huge help to  our technicians. This is especially the case if your problem is more intermittent in nature. Don’t have time to write down the message? Grab your smart phone and take a photo of the screen to show your technician.

Remember What You Were Doing When It Broke
Once again to help with the diagnostic process, its always handy to remember what you were doing at the time the computer failed. Especially if the problem is once again intermittent. Does the problem happen when you run a specific program or take a certain action? Does it happen when the computer has been on for a long time? Does it only happen when you use and item around you (for example, a microwave may cause problems for your WiFi signal)?

Keep A Record Of All Your Logins
As your email, internet and cloud backup solutions are all provided by third parties external to us, not having your usernames and passwords can add additional time to your computer repair. While we are of course happy to help you locate your passwords and contact your service providers on your behalf, having all of your information handy saves you both time and money should something go wrong.

Backup Your Data
We always talk about the importance of backing up your data, however, if your computer does fail it can also save you time and money. As computer repair technicians who understand the importance of a customers data, we will always offer to back up your files before any major work take place to ensure that everything is safe. If you have all your files backed up before we arrive, we can get straight down to business.

Call Us As Soon As You Have A Problem
Computer problems when caught early can often be much quicker and easier to resolve. Don’t wait until things get worse and give us a call on the first sign of anything unusual. This is especially true if you hear your computer making a unusual noises, or if you experience any sudden decrease in system performance.

If you need help with your computer, you can either book online or give us a ring on 1300 199 074. Our award winning phone staff are standing by to assist with any enquiries you may have.

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