image IBM Computer Repairs Brisbane

IBM Computer Repairs Brisbane

IBM Computer Repairs Brisbane

IBM are one of the pioneers in computing. IBM helped to create the first computers in World War 2, and since, have grown to be a trusted and respectable company. Their key products were their mainframes and super-computers which many critical corporations such as banks and airports relied on. IBM also manufactures products for home and business users including laptops, desktops, servers and workstations, sometimes released under their Lenovo brand.

We Are Able To Repair IBM Issues Such As:
  • Repair of all ThinkPad laptop issues
  • Repair of all ThinkDesk desktop issues
  • Replacement of faulty hardware
  • Optimization of slow computer
  • Memory and hardware upgrades
  • Setup of printers, faxes and scanners
  • Removal of viruses and malware

When it comes to IBM computers, Brisbane Computer Doctors are the experts to call. We come to you to resolve all problems with IBM and other computers. Call us on 1300 551 350 to schedule an appointment today!

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