image LG Computer Repairs Brisbane

LG Computer Repairs Brisbane

LG Computer Repairs Brisbane

LG are a well-known producer of electronics goods. They are a top producer of displays, including TVs and computer monitors. Many companies choose LG LCD displays inside their own branded devices. LG also produce notebook computers, and have also entered the smartphones and tablets market.

We repair all LG computer issues including:
  • Removal of virus and malware infections
  • Replacement of screens, keyboards, DC jacks
  • Speed up and optimizations
  • Installation and configuration of software
  • Reinstallation of Windows and Office
  • Transferring data between computers

Brisbane Computer Doctors have the expertise and experience to repair all your issues with your LG computers. Give us a call on 1300 551 350 to speak to one of our friendly phone staff. We will make an appointment with a technician at a time that fits your schedule.

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