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With the low cost of storage devices these days, there really is no excuse not to have your most important data backed up. The most common way of doing this is by using an external hard drive, which offers great value and the most amount of space for the cost. USB flash drives are also very popular, with the ability to store hundreds of gigabytes of data in a device the size of a finger. These are a great choice for people who work between different offices and students. The last popular option is online backup, which is when your data is stored “in the cloud”. This is probably the safest of all the above methods as it not only protects against device failure, but it also protects you from theft and natural disasters.

It is vital to make sure your data is duplicated at least once, so that if a hard drive fails you can still get access to your data elsewhere. Data recovery is a very expensive process, and you can go through these channels to try to restore your data, they are usually never 100% effective. Here at Brisbane Computer Doctors, our friendly staff can come out to you and create the best backup solution to meet your personal requirements.

Services That We Offer Include:

  • Setting up backup solutions that run automatically
  • Configure external hard drives to backup data
  • Ensure backups work by performing test restores
  • Creating hard drive “images” for entire drive backups
  • Backup data online into the cloud for storage
  • Help save all important data files, emails, photos and movies.

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