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If you have accidently deleted an important document, formatted a hard drive, or your hard drive has crashed, don’t panic and read on. The first thing you must do is to turn off the power to your computer or your external hard drives as soon as possible and call us for professional help. The longer you leave the power running, the less likely your data will be recoverable, so turn everything off right away! If you hard drive is physically damaged, small moving parts inside could be scratched and damaged, making recovery less likely.

Brisbane Computer Doctors offer the best in data recovery. Basic recovery of deleted files or partitions can usually be done onsite, while recovery for failing hard drives can usually be done overnight. For physically damaged drives, we have partnered with the best and most economical Australian data recovery centers to disassemble your drives and recover the data in a dust-free environment.

Basic Data Recovery

Most data recovery can be done by your technician onsite. If you have deleted a file, folder or hard disk partition, then it can usually be recovered easily, provided that you managed to turn off your hard drive quickly. We can do perform data recovery on hard drives which are starting to fail. This is usually noticeable, as your computer will start to slow down to a crawl when accessing documents. This is because the computer attempts to read the data several times before giving up. Data recovery on dying drives can usually be done overnight. Sometimes, external hard drives don’t work because of problems with the power supplies or chassis. These kinds of problems can be repaired quite easily and quickly by your technician too, usually within the same day.

Advanced Data Recovery

If your hard drive is physically damaged (it is making repetitive clicking sounds and swiping sounds), or if your hard drive is not being recognised by the motherboard, then data recovery may still be possible by sending your drive to an advanced data recovery centre. Hard drives are made up of tiny moving parts which, then damaged can scratch and rub against each other. Thus, it is necessary to turn off the drive as soon as possible if it is damaged. We have partnered with the best in advanced data recovery within Australia to disassemble and perform recovery in a sterile, dust-free working environment.

We Can Perform Data Recovery When:

  • Your computer no longer starts, or your computer died
  • You hear scratching, scraping or clicking sounds in your hard drive
  • You quick formatted or deleted a partition on a drive.
  • You factory reset or ‘refreshed’ your PC.
  • Your computer stops responding with accessing files
  • You accidently deleted a file or folder

Give us a call on 1300 551 350 to speak to one of our support staff. We will discuss your options for recovery and send over a technician skilled in data recovery to assist you.

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