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If hardware features on your computer like the USB ports, network cards or video capture cards stop working, then the hardware associated with those features may be failing. Hardware failure symptoms can also result in your computer crashing, locking up, ‘freezing’, failing to boot correctly or even failure to power on.

If you’re having any computer problems, even if you’re not sure what it is, you can call on the Brisbane Computer Doctors. Our phone support technicians will speak to you about the problems that you are experiencing, and will help you to book an appointment with one of our expert technicians. Our technicians carry all the tools needed to accurately and quickly diagnose faulty computer components. Most components can be replaced in the same day, or if the repair is uneconomical, the technician will give you the best advice to take. When hardware is replaced, it is usually possible to upgrade to better hardware at the same time, to get things running better than ever before. All parts we sell comes with a 12 month warranty as well as a 3 month onsite labour warranty.

Some Symptoms of Hardware Failure:

  • Computer is unresponsive when attempting to power it on
  • Your computer seems on, but the screen is blank
  • Your computer makes beeping or other funny sounds when powered
  • Your computer crashes, locks up or freezes
  • You get blue screens and black screens with error messages
  • Your USB ports or USB keyboard stops working
  • Hardware features like networking stops working
  • You can hear grinding, brushing or scraping sounds
  • Your computer isn’t booting into Windows

Brisbane Computer Doctors Can Repair Hardware By:

  • Accurately diagnosing your failing hardware
  • Replacing failing hardware or power supply unit
  • Use computer beep codes to diagnose motherboard issues
  • Scan your computer for memory and RAM failures
  • Stress test to find failing hardware
  • Check and test your computer’s cooling
  • Replace faulty components such as DVD drives
  • Attempt hard drive backup if computer is unrepairable

We understand that your personal data is very important. Most computer hardware failures are resolved without affecting any of your data. Our technicians always provide you with advice and will let you know what is happening thought the repair processes. Should a hard drive be failing, your technician will provide you with options for recovery. Should a computer be uneconomical to repair, you will be given options to transfer your data, if possible to another computer or an external drive. Call us on 1300 551 350 to speak to a member of our phone support staff if you are noticing any computer problems.

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