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Speed Up Your Computer in Brisbane

Having a slow computer can be an annoyance, but it can also be a warning for hardware failure and larger problems. One of the most common requests from Brisbane Computer Doctors is that of a slow computer. Over time, as we use our computers, junk data collects on the hard drive, and we install programs that we may not use again, which can take up system resources. Programs become more feature-rich and larger as they evolve, and the result is that more system resources need to be used such as RAM (memory). Viruses and malware can also use up valuable system resources in the background. Hardware issues can cause a computer to slow, from dusty overheating components, to the onset of hard drive failure, which can result in an eventual crash and loss of data.

Brisbane Computer Doctors technicians have both the skills and tools to diagnose and repair a slow computer, whether the problem lies in software, hardware or both. We will get your computer back up to its original speed, and can advise any possible upgrades while we are inspecting your computer, should you want things to be faster than ever before. We can usually do this on the same day as your service, which can save you time and money.

Signs of a Slow Computer:

  • Your computer is not responding
  • You notice popups, viruses and more advertising
  • Your computer takes a long time to boot
  • You have too many programs on your computer
  • Errors tell you of a lack of resources or memory

How We Can Speed Up Your Computer:

  • Test hardware to find failing components
  • Remove software you don’t need
  • Remove viruses and malware
  • Clean temporary junk data
  • Optimise SSDs and defragment hard drives
  • Optimise your computer boot
  • Remove unnecessary background programs
  • Advise on any potential upgrades

If your computer is very slow or you believe you have other problems, give the Brisbane Computer Doctors a call on 1300 551 350. We will get everything working up to speed.

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