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Installing Software Brisbane

Brisbane Computer Doctors can assist you in the installation of new software and also in the setup and configuration of existing and pre-installed software on your computers and smart devices. Most software today can be purchased online, including new versions of Microsoft Office and Windows, while other software is available on media such as CD-ROM and DVD. We can also help you install free software to get most tasks done as well as assist with the installation of cloud based software that you have previously purchased, such as Office 365 and most antivirus subscriptions that allow multiple computers to use a single license.

Our technicians as well as installing and configuring new software, can help you update existing software and drivers, perform Windows updates and transfer data from older versions of software to newer versions of the same software, for some software packages, which can save you hours of time.

We Can Help You By:

  • Installing software on laptops, desktops and smart devices
  • Transfer of data between computers and between different software versions
  • Assist with the purchase of software and with cloud licenses
  • Perform software upgrades and updates
  • Share data between computers on wired and wireless networks

We also specialize in Business software needs! Give us a call on 1300 342 655 to speak to a member of our friendly staff.

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