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Almost all computers are connected to a wired or wireless network. Without a working network, you wouldn’t be able to access the internet or share files and printers between computers and smart devices over a line or over the air. Whether you are having issues with your wired or wireless networks, Brisbane Computer Doctors understands and can resolve issues with either.

Our technicians can help to install and configure networks as well as correct any issues on an existing network in your home or office. We can setup your printers, scanners computers and smart devices to all work over the network.

Our technicians have experience in dealing with many different types of networks over many different configurations. Whether you’re upgrading your network, installing a new one or are in need of some corrections, Brisbane Computer Doctors can help. We carry all the required tools to test for networking issues, and are able to make upgrade recommendations or hardware replacements should something be faulty. If there are issues with your internet, we recommend calling your internet provider first to make sure that it’s not a temporary outage.

Some of the Network Issues We Repair:

  • Issues with wired and wireless networks
  • Issues with internet and email
  • Setup of ADSL and NBN (Fibre) networks
  • Upgrades to wireless security settings
  • Configuration of modems and routers
  • Configuration of new wired and wireless networks
  • Upgrades to your wireless network’s speed and rage
  • Configure printers, scanners and IP cameras
  • Setup 3G & 4G wireless dongles from Telstra, Optus and Vodafone
  • Configure Network Attached Storage and network backup devices

As mentioned, if you are having internet issues, it is recommended to call your internet provider first to make sure that the issue is not a temporary outage or an issue with an outside line which we cannot repair. If not, then please call us on 1300 551 350. Our friendly phone support staff will gather the required information for our technician and make an appointment for you.

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