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Brisbane Virus & Spyware Removal

Our most common support request is to remove a virus or malware infection on our customer’s computers. We are experts in removal all cases of viruses and malware, both new and old. Whether you have a Trojan, virus, malware, spyware, adware, worm, or any other form of malicious or annoying software on your PC, we will be able to remove it, and provide the advice and tools on how to prevent it from happening again.

New viruses are created every day, and no antivirus software is perfect enough to catch them all. Today, antivirus software uses special techniques to analyse the activity of new programs to determine whether or not they may be viruses. Sometimes this software doesn’t detect a virus, and other times, it generates false positives. Our technicians have all the tools and knowledge to be able to detect and remove all infections on your computer, even new ones that the antivirus software hasn’t been able to detect. Usually this can be done without losing any data. Inexperienced technicians may try to get rid of a virus by wiping or deleting everything on your computer. This method uses a lot of time, and all software needs to be re-installed and configured. This kind of service can be more costly than our methods, and could result in you losing priceless data like photos, emails and accounting records.

The purposes behind most viruses today is to try to take as much money as possible out of as many people as possible. Most viruses do this by introducing extra advertising on your computer, adding extra software and toolbars, or changing your browser’s default home page or search engine. Other more sinister infections may try to collect data about you to sell to 3rd parties, analyse your activities, try to steal your bank information or passwords, or even lock you out of your computer until you pay, usually via anonymous services such as UKash or Bitcoin. Some of these locking viruses may present themselves as authority figures or law enforcement agencies like the Australian Federal Police. Usually, we can remove the infection without your data being affected, however, some viruses like Cryptolocker will encrypt your data, making recovery almost impossible.

If you think you have a virus, it is best to seek help sooner rather than later. Our expert team of technicians can safely remove all viruses, usually without your data being affected. Other companies may try to wipe your entire computer, which will result in you losing all your data, and sometimes, won’t fix the problem.

Some of the Virus Warning Signs:

  • Your computer is much slower than usual
  • You have many advertising popups
  • Your antivirus programs will regularly report issues
  • You get taken to the wrong websites often
  • You notice software you don’t remember installing
  • Your computer crashes often
  • You are being asked to pay money to access your computer

Brisbane Virus and Malware Removal

  • We are the experts to call when it comes to removing virus infections
  • We have many years of experience removing all types of viruses
  • Our technician’s tools and techniques are always updating and evolving
  • We usually can remove the infection without affecting your data

If you have a virus or malware infection on your computer, call the Brisbane Computer Doctors as soon as possible on 1300 551 350. Our award-winning staff will remove the infection so you can get back to your life, usually within the same day you call.

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